The DAN HIRA Program

Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment

The industry's most relevant and effective tool in the reduction of incidents associated with running your dive business. Learn more.

What is HIRA Level 1?

HIRA Level 1 is an online self-assessment tool for dive professionals and dive operators that highlights the basic requirements for operating your business safely. To achieve this level, you and your staff are required to have the fundamental training and equipment to manage injuries as well as EAPs and procedures to address emergencies.

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What HIRA Can Do For You

  •  Reduce injuries to your customers and employees
  •  Minimize the severity of incidents and their impact on your business
  •  Reduce the long-term costs of injury and liability
  •  Improve staff training and retention
  •  Establish and maintain a culture of safety within your business and community

What is HIRA Level 2?

HIRA Level 2 builds on Level 1 and requires additional training for you and your staff, the implementation of a wider range of SOPs and emergency plans, and the practice of emergency simulations and drills.

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Develop Your Customized
Emergency Action Plan

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